How to Fix Avast ‘Malicious URL Blocked’ Pop-Up Recurring Issue

Fix Avast ‘Malicious URL Blocked’ Pop-Up recurring issue

The Internet security with Avast antivirus examines your Internet activity and blocks the harmful sites URLS before your system loads them so avoid the risk of infection from these websites. However, a malicious URL warning message will obstruct you for a moment and then go away. But what to do if Avast frequently shows the same warning and you don’t know how to fix it. At such time, getting help to the Avast customer service is the best alternative to fix several technical issues. Also, check that your PC is not compromised already and check the Internet activity.

Legitimate Blocks

If you are browsing the same site each time the warning shows, then the site may have harmful content. Check that particular site status and the page reliability by using the Web of Trust’s Safe Browsing Tool. If you know the site is safe, but still getting the warnings pop up, then the site may have risky content showing in advertisements without any information of the site owner. Contact with the site admin with your warning message will help you to track down the problem.

Fake Warnings

Many malicious programs install the fake antivirus on your system. These malware programs show warnings that copy real antivirus pop-ups in a try to force customers for the solution. If you are not sure about the warning is real or fake, try to uninstall the program, and then download the updated version from an Avast’s official site and reinstall it. Once the installation is completed, run a complete virus scan.

Existing Infections

A blocked URL warning error that displays frequently can point to the existing virus infection on the computer. The virus will constantly try to connect back to a risky server, which asks for blocking, but it doesn’t fix the infection. Run a complete scan using Avast, and scan for malware and other possible viruses to fix the problems located by the programs.

Finding Further Assistance

If none of the above methods resolve the errors, you have a dangerous virus that cannot be fixed by Avast automatically. At such times, you can consider getting help to the professionals by dialing the Avast antivirus support phone number. They will help you to deal with this recurring problem.







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